Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October already!!!

Oh my, time is flying by so fast! I have so much to catch up on. I really don't like to just do one huge post but I am so far behind!

A couple of weeks ago, Derek and I woke up to a surprise at our door. It was about 6am and Derek was about to leave for work when he came and woke me up to ask me why we had balloons all over our front door. I was half asleep and not sure what on earth he was talking about...but sure enough...all you could see out of the glass on the front door was balloons. So, I opened the door and they flooded the entry way. Someone had put saran wrap on our door frame and stuffed that area with all different shapes, sizes and colors of balloons. Whoever did this...spent a lot of time blowing up balloons. They also put them all over our garage door. Oh, and they covered our mailbox with saran wrap! We, of course, thought it was Mindy and Ken (my sister and her husband) because we have an ongoing 'prank battle' with them. And sometimes with my parents too. So, we were sure it was one of them that did it. Well, they wouldn't fess up to it and that is not the norm...none of us are good at keeping secrets so the prank never lasts long! So, we assumed it must be some clown gang or something...just kidding! But, it did make us kind of paranoid b/c someone was at our house in the middle of the night while we slept doing all of this and we never knew it! Our dog, who barks at his own shadow didn't even hear it! Well, after 2 weeks, we finally get a call and the prankster comes clean...it was Derek's sister! So, we have been plotting our revenge. This is getting a little out of hand though...it was just my family and now his is in on it too! I didn't get a picture of all of the balloons at the door but I did get a few of the garage and yard.

We also celebrated my dad's 61st birthday! Mindy and I made him a wonderful dinner. I made meatloaf and Mindy made all the sides. My mom made my dad's favorite desert, lemon pie. We had a great time eating and visiting.
Dad playing with Shae

Mindy and Ken cooking

We went shopping for Ross' halloween costume and we still haven't been able to get him to pick just one! But, we did find Andy a cute little angel costume. What do you think? He looks just like an angel right???

He looks a little possessed!! Oh, and excuse Derek in his boxers, this pic is too funny not to post!

We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was so much fun! They had a hayride, games, pumpkin decorating, treasure hunts and more! Mindy, Ken and Shae went with us and Shae LOVED the hayride! Ross really enjoyed the treasure hunt and getting to pick out and decorate his pumpkin.

Ross and his pumpkin

Shae and her pumpkin

On our treasure hunt!

Oh and I made HOMEMADE sourdough bread...that is right HOMEMADE!!! I am shocked and proud of myself! I had help from my sister, she gave me the sourdough starter and buttermilk starter but, I 'fed' them and made the bread all by myself! Well, Derek did have to help a little b/c my arms were so tired after 15 mintues of kneading the dough!
Here is the proof:

And who can cook without making a huge mess...right? Or is that just me???


Jennifer said...

I love the pumpkin patch pictures! So cute! And the pranks sound so fun :)

Catherine said...

Cute pics! I think my favorite is Derek's face in the second one of him and Andy!! lol!!