Friday, June 18, 2010

Moving Forward

For a while now, Jack has been crawling backwards, pushing, pulling, scooting etc to get of Monday...he is crawling forward!!! :) It is just so neat to watch him learn new things. He is very good at standing on his feet with his hands on the floor, I think he will be walking soon! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 months old!

I know, I know...I haven't posted anything in over 2 months!!! It is horrible! So, I will do another blog post "catch-up" and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will not let another 2 months go by without a post! :)

The boys are both doing great and growing and changing all the time! Ross is out of school for the summer now and it is hard to believe that he will be going into 2nd grade in just a few months! Our summer plans include: swimming, park, zoo, playing with friends, guitar lessons, and hopefully a family vacation! I have great memories of many family vacations as a kid and Derek and I both hope to make special memories with our boys as well! Even though I am not "out for the summer" and I don't have "vacation time" etc, I still am very excited about summer! Not much will change for my schedule with Jack but this is the first summer that I will be home when we have Ross and I am very excited about all the fun things I have planned for us!

Jack is 8 months old now and he has changed SO much! In addition to all the things I posted in his 6 month update, he is now clapping, going from being on his hands and knees to sitting on his bottom (so cute to watch!), playing with lots of different toys and figuring out how to "work" them, he is NOT crying in the car anymore (well, maybe every once in a while...but definitely a HUGE improvement), he is able to get anywhere he wants to go by gliding, pushing, pulling, rocking, spinning himself around etc! Jack isn't crawling yet but he is SO close, he can crawl backwards but hasn't quite got down how to move forward won't be long! He is eating 4 bottles at 6-7oz each daily plus baby food, which now includes meat! We have also been giving him some table-food in VERY tiny pieces. He has had green beans, tomato (w/o skin), cantaloupe, squash...basically anything that is soft and non-dairy. I always take some out before adding any seasonings or butter. He seems to love everything so far! We are still working on naps, some days are better than others but I am not giving up! He still sleeps wonderfully at night (7pm-ish to 7am-ish). He said Momma several times about a month ago and hasn't said it since! My parents watched him one night for us so we could go on a date and they told us he said dadda too! We have heard him almost say it ourselves! :) Makes my heart smile!

We went on our first camping trip as a family of four over the weekend, it was an ADVENTURE! Aunt Natalie joined us when she got off work. I am not much of a "camper" but I do enjoy "playing" at the park. I just don't care about staying the night in the woods! I realize that camping in an RV is not "roughing" it for most people, but it is for me!! We encountered bugs, raccoons and a snake! Needless to say, I spent most of my time inside with Jack! We even locked ourselves out of the RV at one point and had to lift Ross up to a window that only he could fit through so he could unlock the door! Besides all that, we had a wonderful time playing games, fishing, riding bikes, cooking out, roasting marshmallows, and just spending time with each other! We will definitely go again!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My baby is 6 months old today!!!

****I forgot to mention how much Jack hates the car and I mean he really despises it! He cries almost everytime we are in it! I am hoping that he will grow out of it soon! I don't think any of us will ever forget how much he doesn't like it but I wanted to add it to the blog just in case! ;)********

Jack is 6 months old and here is what he is up to these days:

He is now sitting, eating a wide variety of baby foods (all of which he LOVES...this child was born to EAT!!!), rolling back and forth (he has been doing this for a while now), playing with his toys, he now enjoys bath time (whew!), he smiles all the time, LOVES to jump in his jumperoo, tries to feed himself with his spoon and holds his own bottle (for short periods of time), talks to us with all his sweet baby sounds and tries to imitate our facial expressions, he grabs anything we have in our hands if it is food or drink related, sleeps 12 hours at night and naps maybe twice during the day for a max of 30 minutes each...yeah...we are working on this one still! Jack still loves to chew on anything that gets near his face including his hands and has recently really taken to sucking his thumb. He never really liked the pacifier and still doesn't. He is eating 7oz of formula 4 or 5 times a day and 2 full containers of fruits/veggies as well. We have his 6 month check-up on Wednesday so I will post his weight/measurements then! Jack's favorite song is If you are happy and you know it! He grins from ear to ear when I sing it, absolutely loves the clapping part and even if he is fussy or crying, I can usually calm him down by singing it! (I don't sing well at all so it must be my enthusiasm that he loves so much! lol :) We can't go anywhere without someone commenting on his size! lol, this kids rolls have rolls! ;) I adore every one of them and I know that once he is crawling and walking those sweet little rolls with disappear! We have been enjoying this wonderful weather by spending time at the zoo and park with friends and family!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Stranger!!!

WOW! Has it really been 3 months since my last post??? So much has changed around here! Jack is getting SO big! He is 4 1/2 months old! At his 4 month check up he weighed 17lb 3 oz! Such a big boy! He is smiling, cooing, gurgling, drooling, grabbing, pulling, jumping in his jumper, chewing on his hands, chewing on anything that gets near his face(he dives for anything and "attacks" it), staring at his hands, scooting on his back and ALMOST rolling over! I say almost because his little arm is all that is keeping him from going over! I have moved it for him and helped him roll but he hasn't done it all by himself yet! It won't be long though! He is also eating rice cereal now and drinking apple juice! He LOVES it...we knew he would! He is still spitting out more than he swallows with the cereal but he is definitely on his way! He loves his jumper and he LOVES talking to his "friends" (the animals on his bedding, the animals on his jumper and bouncer...any animal really)! It is so cute, he just stares at them and coos and wiggles! Jack sleeps through the night (and he has for a while now). He goes down anywhere from 10-11pm and sleeps until 7am or so. The last few days he has slept until 9:30am!!! WOO-HOO!!! :) He does not like to nap during the day...we are working on that! We are just so in love with him!!!

Ross is doing great! He learned how to ride his bike without anyone helping him or holding onto him! He is so proud of himself and we are proud of him too! He helps out so much with Jack and is just a sweetheart! It is hard to believe that he is 7 1/2!!! He is so entertaining, the stories he tells and the things he says keep Derek and I laughing! He wanted to go on a "date" with me recently so just he and I went to dinner together. We walked to a little Italian restaurant close to our house. He gave me some chocolates and ordered for me and everything! It was SO cute! He also paid(with Derek's debit card)! lol We had great conversations about everything from what he wants to be when he grows up(a spy) to how girls treat him like he is a pancake...yeah...I had to ask for an explanation on that one!!

Derek and I just recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (this is how we met). He surprised me with a night on the town!! We had planned to celebrate on the Saturday following our anniversary...or so I thought!! I thought we would be just going to dinner somewhere and maybe a movie. He had been planning all along to take me out on our actual anniversary. He arranged for his mom to be here to watch the boys, he bought me two new dresses to choose from for our date, white roses, a sweet card, a limo (he had our wedding dvd playing in the limo, champagne,and reservations at a romantic restaurant. It was the best night ever!!! I felt like a princess! I thought I was being sweet by getting him some new shirts and bringing home a Papa Murphy's pizza!! :) I have to say he was probably just as excited about the pizza as I was about the limo!!! lol ;)

I hope to try to update this blog more! You might think that because I stay at home, I would have all the time in the world to blog...well...I should! lol, really though..I hope to make more time for it! I will be attaching pictures of the boys and our date as soon as I get my camera back! I left it in the limo...OOPS! It will probably be picture overload so I will do a few posts of just pictures!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jack Conner Harris

I am a little late on announcing the arrival of precious Jack Conner Harris! He was born on October 9th, almost 3 weeks early!!! He is absolutely perfect though...we think the dr. had my date wrong! He was lifting his head and moving it around the day after he was born. Jack weighed 7lb 7oz and was 19 inches long. He weighed 7lbs exactly when we were discharged 2 days after he was born. At his first pedi appointment at 5 days old, he weighed 7lbs 9oz! At his 3 week appointment he weighed 8lbs 8 oz! He is healthy and growing and we are so thankful!

The birth story:
Derek, Ross and I went to bed on Thursday October 8th, my lower back had been hurting that day off and on and I just couldn't get comfortable. I never went to sleep that night. I tossed and turned. Around midnight I got up to go to the bathroom and discovered something unusual...I wasn't sure though. I woke Derek up and told him that my water might have broken, but I wasn't sure. It wasn't a lot but definitely noticeable. My due date was almost 3 weeks away and we just couldn't believe it was happening so soon! We talked about it for a little while and I was pretty sure that was what it was so we decided to get our things together and head to the hospital. I wasn't having any contractions so we were pretty confused about the whole thing. Derek got our things together and I decided that I wanted to clean the kitchen before we left! Well, there was no doubt in our minds at this point...I was was official, my water broke! We got to the hospital around 1am and they hooked me up to all the monitors and contractions, I wasn't even dilated to a one! But, my water broke so we had to proceed! I started having contractions eventually but I wasn't progressing very much, so after 12 hours they gave me pitocin (sp?) to get things going. I had refused the epidural because I had heard that it could slow things down and since I wasn't progressing...I didn't want it until things were moving along! BIG MISTAKE! The pain eventually got bad enough that I didn't care how fast or slow it was going...I just wanted the pain to stop! So I asked for the epi....I was informed that the anesthesiologist had a few patients to get to before me. An hour later, I was begging Derek to go find the man and get him up to my room ASAP! He finally arrived and gave me my relief! Well, the epi didn't work on my right side!!! He kept givng me more meds but nothing was working. I was so miserable and I remember thinking that if the windows in that room could be opened I would just jump out if they couldn't make the pain stop! lol, I really wouldn't have but I was desperate! The anesthesiologist gave me a spinal and that helped to releive the pain just enough that I could handle it. Derek was great and stood by me the whole time and talked me through everthing. The nurses were great too! The only time I cried was after the epidural didn't work and then of course when Jack was born! Everyone says you forget the labor...I am still waiting on that! :) But, it was ALL worth it! Jack Conner Harris was born at 2:33 pm and he was absolutely beautiful and perfect! We couldn't have asked for anything more! He has pretty blue eyes and light golden brown hair. He has become my little chunky monkey! Everyone says he looks like Derek and Ross and I have to agree! Derek says he has my chin and ears but I think he has Derek's ears...I guess everyone sees things differently! He makes the cutest little noises and he LOVES to stretch! He also squeaks when he stretches! SO CUTE! He is very curious about his hands and stares at them with a very scared and puzzled look on his face...I love it! I also love the way he 'attacks' anything that gets near his face when he is hungry! He actually pulled my glasses off and flung them one time when I tried to steal a kiss at feeding time! :0 He is sleeping at night now, just waking up to eat. The first two weeks, he was up all night and slept all day! It was pretty rough! I didn't sleep much at that time! Things are going smoothly now and we are really getting into a routine here! YAY! :) I can't believe how much I love him! There isn't anything in the world better than him sleeping on my chest! I love being a mommy and I am so thankful for a healthy baby boy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

37 Weeks

***Updated 10/6/09***
I went in for my 37 week check up this morning and everything is still the same. I gained one pound from last week, making it a total of 25 pounds gained so far. The Dr. said that Jack is head down, which makes me happy! I was convinced he was laying long ways across my stomach! No other progress though...but according to my doctor, it doesn't mean anything. I, of course, am concerned that no progress means Jack will be late but he says it doesn't mean that. So that is good news! I am going to continue my walking everyday, I hope it helps!

Well, I am getting closer! I have been keeping pretty busy just trying to get everything ready for Jack's arrival! We have the car seat in, the room is ready, the swing, bouncy and pack-n-play/bassinet are all put together! I have started washing his clothes and we packed our bag and his bag for the hospital. We even did a trial run to the hospital to see how long it would take and what is the best route for us to go. I still don't feel prepared! I guess that just isn't going to happen! I thought Jack had dropped a couple of weeks ago because I was breathing so much easier and had a lot more pressure on my bladder all the time. Either he never really dropped or he moved back up! I have been talking to him about this but it doesn't seem to be helping yet! ;) I still haven't had any contractions, occasionally some tightness in my stomach and crampiness but that is it so far! I am VERY eager and ready for him to be here! He is still moving around a lot, I can see him wriggling around but no real big kicks or anything. I think he is getting cramped in there. Hopefully he will arrive any day now! Here are my 37 week pics!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

34 Weeks

My last day of work was Friday September 11th. I still don't feel any different...kind of like I am on vacation. I guess it will sink in eventually. My mom and I went shopping on Monday and she bought lots of cute clothes and shoes for Jack! He now has 4 pair of shoes! :) I was SO exhausted after shopping. I can't go like I use to! I came home and Derek cooked me dinner! lol, I was planning on cooking for him since I didn't work but I was too tired! On Tuesday I attempted the grocery shopping, probably won't do that by myself again until I have this baby! That was a lot of work! I know I must sound like a wimp but really I was exhausted! So, I have decided to stay home today and clean. No more shopping for me! Makes me a little sad because I love shopping! :)

34 Week pic: