Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ross' 6th b-day party

We had Ross' 6th b-day party today at the house. It was absolutely wonderful! A lot of kids showed up (and I am so very thankful). It was a Mario themed party. Ross is really into Mario right now! We have the old (like 1980 something) version of the nintendo and it still works and he loves to play it! He also has a gameboy with Mario too! Now, he has MarioKart for the Wii. Anyways, Rita, Ross' grandma made the cake and it was so PERFECT!

The detail on the cake is just amazing...we are so thankful to have someone as talented as Derek's mom to make cakes! She really is amazing!

We of course had cake, presents, pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. Someone (me) forgot to get out the blindfold for the to say, only two kids got to hit it b/c it burst open very soon! I felt so bad! They were great though and were just happy to all get some of the goodies out of it! I did learn two very important things today...don't forget the blindfold for the pinata and look through the filler for the pinata beforehand and take out all the noise makers! lol..I am just kidding! The kids loved them, but was LOUD! Ross got some really great presents but the best part was all the family and friends that came to celebrate with us! That was my worst fear...that no kids would show up. It was a success! Ross had a great party! Thanks to everyone who came! Here are a few pics!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Extreme Blog Makeover

I am so excited that my blog has a beautiful new look! Blogging will be so much more fun for me now that I LOVE my page! I can not take credit for this new look though...Jennifer from the blog Keeping up with Landry is the very talented person who made my blog look so pretty! Anyone who is interested in having their blog made over please visit her blog here. Jennifer is participating in a 3 day 60 mile walk for breast cancer and if you donate to her account, she will make your blog pretty too! If you are not in need of a blog makeover...donate anyway b/c it is for a great cause! Thank you Jennifer!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun!

I can hardly believe that Ross will be 6 years old on the 15th of this month! I have been in his life since he was 2 1/2 years old and it is just amazing how much he has changed in that amount of time. I remember when we lived in Overton and I still worked at the bank. I would get home around 9pm some nights and he would be waiting for me at the sliding glass door...standing in front of the curtain with his hands and face pressed against the glass...just waiting for me. I can still picture it! I am truly blessed at how well he and I bonded. He took up with me immediately and I, of course, did the same. He had my heart from the beginning. Ross is truly special and just an amazing little boy. I am so thankful for the relationship that we have. One of the greatest compliments that I have ever received is when my old boss told me that he didn't know that Ross wasn't my son. He said that from the way I talked about him, he would have never known that I wasn't his mom. Although I am not his mom, I love him just the same!

I love my two guys so much!