Wednesday, September 16, 2009

34 Weeks

My last day of work was Friday September 11th. I still don't feel any different...kind of like I am on vacation. I guess it will sink in eventually. My mom and I went shopping on Monday and she bought lots of cute clothes and shoes for Jack! He now has 4 pair of shoes! :) I was SO exhausted after shopping. I can't go like I use to! I came home and Derek cooked me dinner! lol, I was planning on cooking for him since I didn't work but I was too tired! On Tuesday I attempted the grocery shopping, probably won't do that by myself again until I have this baby! That was a lot of work! I know I must sound like a wimp but really I was exhausted! So, I have decided to stay home today and clean. No more shopping for me! Makes me a little sad because I love shopping! :)

34 Week pic:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

33 Weeks

So I guess I have given up on creative titles for my blogs...I am just going with weeks now! :) So I have 7 weeks left before Jack arrives...hopefully he isn't late! I guess there isn't too much I can do about that but I am telling myself he will be here. Of course, if he is anything like his parents, he will be late! I had a horrible dream the other night that I was still pregnant but about to have him at any time and then we found out I was pregnant again! My last day of work is Friday September 11th. I will have about 6 weeks at that point, I really hope that the time doesn't drag on b/c I won't be working. I have saved up a lot of things to do when I am at home so hopefully that will keep me busy enough! I am really excited to be able to stay at home. It is something that we had talked about long before I ever became pregnant and we didn't really know if we could do it and at times, it seemed like it might not work. Fortunately, it has worked out at this time for me to be home with our baby boy! I can't believe that we are about to have a baby! Sometimes it just doesn't seem real!

Things I want to remember about this point in my pregnancy:
I haven't had any braxton hicks contractions. I am a lot more tired now and super cranky...just ask Derek! :) I have gained 17lbs. I am up every hour at night going to the bathroom (this could be why I am so cranky)! I am really looking forward to sleeping on my back or stomach! Jack is still moving around a lot, fortunately it isn't painful. I haven't felt a foot in the ribs or anything like that. Mostly he just pushes or stretches and makes my tummy look like that scene from the movie Alien. He does push on my belly button area which feels really weird! He has had the hiccups a lot lately, I always feel so bad for him when he has them b/c I hate having the hiccups! I can't wait to hold him!

Here is my 33 week pic: (You will see these pants a lot in the weeks to come, I am on strict orders from Derek to wear only tennis shoes after I fell last weekend! I only have a few pairs of pants to wear with tennis shoes and I really don't want to buy anymore maternity clothes!)