Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Furniture

I am so excited b/c we got all of our furniture in this weekend! YAY! We (not me) put it together right away! The room is not ready at all but I had to see everything put together! Derek will be painting the room in mid August on his vacation (lucky him)! ;) Please excuse the mess in the background!! I have 13 weeks left (hopefully not longer)! Sometimes when I think about that, it seems like it is just around the corner and other times I feel like that is forever away!

Monday, July 20, 2009

This and That

I don't have a real title for this post b/c it is mainly just some random things that have been going on lately. We picked up Ross from camp on Friday to start our summer vacation with him. We will have him for a month and it is by far the best month of every summer. We enjoy doing so many fun/memorable things together as a family. Derek's b-day is coming up this Friday (24th) he will be turning the BIG 2-9...that is right 29 years old, last year before the 30's start...hahaha...I like to tease him but he always reminds me that I am like 6 weeks behind him and that makes the teasing stop pretty quickly! ;) Little boy is still pretty active, we were excited to show Ross that my belly moves when he is kicking/punching or whatever in there. He thought it was pretty cool! We signed Ross up for a sibling class at the hospital where we will have the baby. He got to see a newborn baby and practice changing diapers/clothes on a doll. He watched a cartoon over how life will be with a newborn and the nurse explained about the baby's soft spot on their head and that they can't hold there head up on there own etc. He also got a big brother t-shirt, it was pretty neat and I think he enjoyed it. Here are a few random pics!

Ross on the boat

Relaxing in the sun!


Receiving his award for Passion at camp

Last swim lesson

My 26 weeks pics

Sunday, July 12, 2009

25 Weeks

Here is my 25 weeks pic

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boy

I saw my belly move for the first time yesterday at work! A couple of co-workers saw it too and one was across the room from me. Baby Boy is pretty active! I told Derek about it and when I got home, we both stared at my belly waiting for him to make his move, sure enough, he started bouncing around and Derek got to see my belly move too! He asked me if he was trying to get out or something! We have a first name (I think), but I have said that before so who knows if it will change again. I will wait to announce it until we have a middle name. It is so hard to come up with a name, I never dreamed that it would be so difficult! Baby Boy also has an expanding wardrobe, I can't help but buy him clothes anytime I am somewhere that has baby clothes. We have ordered his crib, dresser and rocker glider and they all should be in around the end of this month and then we will begin working on the nursery. I can't wait to have his room all ready! Of course, I plan on him sleeping next to me in his bassinet for a while but I am still excited for him to have a room! Ross will be with us for summer break starting next weekend and I can't wait! We always have so much fun and enjoy every minute of summer with him! We will be celebrating his 7th birthday next month...I can't believe it! Seven years old!! He is growing so fast!