Sunday, June 21, 2009

22 Weeks

Just wanted to post my 22 week belly pic (one day early). We bought our nursery furniture today, it should be here in a couple of weeks. We also registered yesterday and that was a BEATING! I thought it was going to be so much fun, but I felt so overwhelmed! I didn't know what I needed or what brand/style was better. I have a couple of really great friends (Cat & Amber) who both have given me some great advice and I should have called them before I went! I can't wait to start decorating the nursery! Derek is going to paint the room when he is on vacation in August. Baby boy becomes very active every night when I am getting ready to go to sleep. I LOVE it! I don't care what time of day or night it is, I like feeling him move around!

Friday, June 19, 2009

He's moving!

I have been feeling the baby move for about two or three weeks now. I was trying to fall asleep last night and baby boy was having a party! He was moving all around and even though I was tired and wanted to sleep, I was more than happy to stay awake just to feel him moving around. I love that! Derek has tried to feel him before but he never could, last night he put his hand on my tummy and he felt the baby! I am so excited! Derek was amazed at how well he could feel him! I think it was an early Father's Day present from our baby boy to his daddy! :) On another note, I have been feeling pretty good these days. I did have a little scare last week and Derek took me to the emergency room. I started having severe pain Wednesday on my way home from work. By the time I got home, I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did. The pain was coming from my lower back on the right side and moving across my side to my stomach. I was concerned about the baby and worried about what was going on so off we went to the ER. They did bloodwork and monitored me for contractions, after several hours, they came to the conclusion that it was most likely a kidney stone. They sent me home and I was to go in to my OB the next morning to follow up with him. After I was home, I quickly learned that the only way I could be comfortable was to lay on my left I spent the next several days doing just that. I went to a few dr's appointments and was sent to a Urologist as well. I had an ultrasound of my kidneys which showed fluid on my right kidney, which I was told could be caused from a kidney stone blocking the fluid from being drained or it could be from my uterus laying on the tube that drains from the kidney blocking the fluid, either way, there was nothing they could do for me. I was told that it most likely was being caused by my uterus and that it won't go away until I have the baby and most likely will get worse. I showed no other signs of a kidney stone except for the extreme pain and fluid on my kidney. The fact that laying on my left side relieves the pain is the number one indicator that it is not a stone. I went back to work on Wednesday and my boss has been really great. They have provided a place for me to lay down when I need to relieve the pressure. I was very concerned about sitting all day at my desk but it really hasn't been bad at all. I have had moments where I did lay down b/c I was starting to hurt but overall I am feeling so much better than I did last week! I am hoping that maybe things shifted around or that all that time laying on my left side help the fluid to drain off my kidney. We are going to register this weekend and try to find material for the bedding. My mom is going to make it for me! I am excited!

Monday, June 8, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We are so excited to announce that we are having a precious baby boy!!! I am measuring right at 20 weeks and everything looks great! He was VERY active during the exam, punching, kicking and attempting somersaults!!! He covered his face with his hands and at one point, it looked like he was sucking his thumb! SO CUTE!! Ross went with us to the exam and his job was to call and announce to everyone the HAPPY news! Well, to our surprise, Ross was devastated with the news of a baby brother...he cried! We knew that he wanted a sister and we had talked to him about it and told him that we can't choose etc and he said he would be happy with a brother too but he just wanted a sister. We know he will be okay and excited by the time the baby is here but it was kind of funny to see him so upset about a brother!! The dr. told us that usually little boys are that upset if they are having a sister but not Ross, he had his mind set on a girl! We have a video of our little guy moving around and lots of pictures. Now we just need to start shopping!! We have picked out a name and I think we will probably stick with it but I want to think about it a little more before we officially announce it. I am so excited to be a mom to a little boy! They are so sweet! Ross is a great kid and I have had so much fun watching him grow and change over the years. I can't wait to meet our little guy!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

We have movement!!!

I have felt little things that I thought could be the baby moving but I wasn't for sure until today! Every night this week, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I would be thinking about how much I wanted pancakes...but I didn't give into my craving until this morning. After I finished my pancakes, the baby started moving around like crazy! There is no doubt that is what I was feeling! It is so neat and exciting and I think it is kind of funny b/c the baby was so happy to finally get pancakes that he/she did a little dance! Only three more days until we see him/her again and find out (hopefully) what we are having!! I am almost at the half-way point! I can't wait to start buying stuff! After Monday, the SHOPPING begins!!!