Wednesday, September 16, 2009

34 Weeks

My last day of work was Friday September 11th. I still don't feel any different...kind of like I am on vacation. I guess it will sink in eventually. My mom and I went shopping on Monday and she bought lots of cute clothes and shoes for Jack! He now has 4 pair of shoes! :) I was SO exhausted after shopping. I can't go like I use to! I came home and Derek cooked me dinner! lol, I was planning on cooking for him since I didn't work but I was too tired! On Tuesday I attempted the grocery shopping, probably won't do that by myself again until I have this baby! That was a lot of work! I know I must sound like a wimp but really I was exhausted! So, I have decided to stay home today and clean. No more shopping for me! Makes me a little sad because I love shopping! :)

34 Week pic:

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