Monday, October 5, 2009

37 Weeks

***Updated 10/6/09***
I went in for my 37 week check up this morning and everything is still the same. I gained one pound from last week, making it a total of 25 pounds gained so far. The Dr. said that Jack is head down, which makes me happy! I was convinced he was laying long ways across my stomach! No other progress though...but according to my doctor, it doesn't mean anything. I, of course, am concerned that no progress means Jack will be late but he says it doesn't mean that. So that is good news! I am going to continue my walking everyday, I hope it helps!

Well, I am getting closer! I have been keeping pretty busy just trying to get everything ready for Jack's arrival! We have the car seat in, the room is ready, the swing, bouncy and pack-n-play/bassinet are all put together! I have started washing his clothes and we packed our bag and his bag for the hospital. We even did a trial run to the hospital to see how long it would take and what is the best route for us to go. I still don't feel prepared! I guess that just isn't going to happen! I thought Jack had dropped a couple of weeks ago because I was breathing so much easier and had a lot more pressure on my bladder all the time. Either he never really dropped or he moved back up! I have been talking to him about this but it doesn't seem to be helping yet! ;) I still haven't had any contractions, occasionally some tightness in my stomach and crampiness but that is it so far! I am VERY eager and ready for him to be here! He is still moving around a lot, I can see him wriggling around but no real big kicks or anything. I think he is getting cramped in there. Hopefully he will arrive any day now! Here are my 37 week pics!


Catherine said...

3 weeks!!! So soon!!! Can't wait to meet him!! Post pictures of his room!!

Brandi said...

Hang in there!!! Sounds like he's getting prepared for his arrival.

Jennifer said...

I've been a little out of pocket lately :) I can't believe you've only got 3 weeks left! Hang in there! I can't wait to see his sweet little pictures!