Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Stranger!!!

WOW! Has it really been 3 months since my last post??? So much has changed around here! Jack is getting SO big! He is 4 1/2 months old! At his 4 month check up he weighed 17lb 3 oz! Such a big boy! He is smiling, cooing, gurgling, drooling, grabbing, pulling, jumping in his jumper, chewing on his hands, chewing on anything that gets near his face(he dives for anything and "attacks" it), staring at his hands, scooting on his back and ALMOST rolling over! I say almost because his little arm is all that is keeping him from going over! I have moved it for him and helped him roll but he hasn't done it all by himself yet! It won't be long though! He is also eating rice cereal now and drinking apple juice! He LOVES it...we knew he would! He is still spitting out more than he swallows with the cereal but he is definitely on his way! He loves his jumper and he LOVES talking to his "friends" (the animals on his bedding, the animals on his jumper and bouncer...any animal really)! It is so cute, he just stares at them and coos and wiggles! Jack sleeps through the night (and he has for a while now). He goes down anywhere from 10-11pm and sleeps until 7am or so. The last few days he has slept until 9:30am!!! WOO-HOO!!! :) He does not like to nap during the day...we are working on that! We are just so in love with him!!!

Ross is doing great! He learned how to ride his bike without anyone helping him or holding onto him! He is so proud of himself and we are proud of him too! He helps out so much with Jack and is just a sweetheart! It is hard to believe that he is 7 1/2!!! He is so entertaining, the stories he tells and the things he says keep Derek and I laughing! He wanted to go on a "date" with me recently so just he and I went to dinner together. We walked to a little Italian restaurant close to our house. He gave me some chocolates and ordered for me and everything! It was SO cute! He also paid(with Derek's debit card)! lol We had great conversations about everything from what he wants to be when he grows up(a spy) to how girls treat him like he is a pancake...yeah...I had to ask for an explanation on that one!!

Derek and I just recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (this is how we met). He surprised me with a night on the town!! We had planned to celebrate on the Saturday following our anniversary...or so I thought!! I thought we would be just going to dinner somewhere and maybe a movie. He had been planning all along to take me out on our actual anniversary. He arranged for his mom to be here to watch the boys, he bought me two new dresses to choose from for our date, white roses, a sweet card, a limo (he had our wedding dvd playing in the limo, champagne,and reservations at a romantic restaurant. It was the best night ever!!! I felt like a princess! I thought I was being sweet by getting him some new shirts and bringing home a Papa Murphy's pizza!! :) I have to say he was probably just as excited about the pizza as I was about the limo!!! lol ;)

I hope to try to update this blog more! You might think that because I stay at home, I would have all the time in the world to blog...well...I should! lol, really though..I hope to make more time for it! I will be attaching pictures of the boys and our date as soon as I get my camera back! I left it in the limo...OOPS! It will probably be picture overload so I will do a few posts of just pictures!


Fran said...

I love your date with Ross!! How special :)

Catherine said...

Yay for finally updating!!! Super sweet of Derek!! Can't wait to see you Saturday!

Lynn and Matt said...

So good to hear from you! I can't wait to see pictures of your little one!