Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Annivesary

Today is mine and Derek's 3yr. wedding anniversary as well as our 4yr. anniversary as a couple. We had our first date 4 years ago today, four days after he sent me 2 dozen roses for Valentine's Day anonymously. We didn't know each other but, I worked at a bank inside of a Brookshire's that he worked for at the time. I saw him a few times when he came to the bank to cash a check or something, other than that, we had never really spoken to one another. He learned from a mutual friend that I was single and that is when he decided to send me roses on Valentine's Day and being the shy guy that he is....the card said "You're Gorgeous" and that's it, no name!!! After calling everyone that I could possibly think of that might have sent me flowers, I just figured they were from some creepy man that came to the bank. Three days after Valentine's, I received another rose at work, but this time, the card had a name! He called me at work later that day and asked me out to dinner the next night which was February 18th 2005. I actually already had a date with a guy for that night, but I decided to cancel that date and go out with Derek. I am so very glad that I did, from that day on we were inseparable. I know it sounds corny, but, I knew he was different from the very first date. I can't say that I knew I would marry him, but I knew that he was special. We got engaged just a few months after we started dating and got married exactly one year after our first date.

I haven't written in a month and I have had a lot going on but I will leave out all the minor details and get to the good stuff! I am PREGNANT! It is actually a funny story as to how I found out I was pregnant. Derek and I went to a Stars game on Friday night with his boss and some other co-workers. I had never been to a game and it was a lot of fun! Coca-Cola has a suite and we got to watch the game from there. Anyways, back to my story...I started feeling bad Friday night. I felt really tired and I really wasn't hungry. Saturday rolls around and of course, it is Valentines Day, we decided to stay in and cook a meal together. We made ribeye's, salad, pototoes...well I just didn't feel like eating. I picked at my food and gave up. I was thinking I was coming down with something, maybe a stomach virus. On Sunday, I knew I was sick. I called the lady in charge of the Sunday school groups and told her I couldn't make it in to teach because I wasn't feeling good. And that is when it started...I was so sick the rest of the day. I threw up a few times and I couldn't eat or drink anything. My stomach was so nauseous. I went to a clinic here in Lindale late Sunday afternoon and the dr prescribed me phenagren and told me I had a virus and it would just have to pass. I didn't have a temperature but I knew I must be sick. I called in to work on Monday and Tuesday. I didn't want to eat anything but I hadn't thrown up since Sunday. Finally on Tuesday after I called in to work, I began thinking that maybe I should take a test since usually these little 'bugs' only last like 24 hrs and I had been sick for several days now. Well, I took the test and went about my business and walked by a few minutes later to look at the test and I just casually glanced and was stopped dead in my said "PREGNANT"!! I have taken this same test many times before and there are always two words, "NOT PREGNANT" so when I saw just one word on the screen I about flipped out! I called Derek immediately and told him. We are both so happy. We already told our families and most of our friends. It is just too hard not to! I wasn't going to tell anyone at work yet, but everyone kept asking if I was better from my virus and asking me questions about what I had etc and I am just not good at lying or I told! :) I am 4 weeks according to my dr based on my last period. My first appt is March 19th and my estimated due date is 10-29-09! Please keep us in your prayers!


Jennifer said...

I was going to tell you happy anniversary, but forget that! Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Oh, and I love your wedding pictures :)

Catherine said...

I am so excited for you guys!!!! I can't wait to meet him/her! This means a lot more play dates!

Torrie Deville said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the progress!

Lynn & Matt said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you two!
I can't believe that it took me so long to notice that you had posted a new blog--I guess I had given up on it! (I know, I have no room to talk)
Anyway, I am so happy for you!!

Jessica Leigh said...

Congratulations again!

Mindy said...

I am so happy for you guys! And for me, Ken and Shae! Now she will have someone to play with! XOXO