Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Ok, I love this show. I have been hooked on it for 3 seasons now! I so wish that I could dance like all the girls on the show! Every season I find one or two people that I really want to win. Yes, I even get online and vote for them! This time around, I am leaning towards Warren Sapp and Cody (the youngest competitor on the show). However, I am very disappointed in the fact that Chloris Leacheman is still on the show!!! Seriously, it was funny the first week or two and she is entertaining (when she isn't droppping the f-bomb on tv) but it is time for her to go!!! It is wonderful and all that she is 82 and doing this, blah blah blah, but she can't dance! I know I sound mean, but really, I just don't get it! If she wins this season...I am done! (maybe not, I do really love the show!) :)


Amanda said...

hi there!! thank you SO much for leaving a comment and voting for Eli! That is so sweet!!

I haven't watched any of this season but I wish I had!! I love that show too!

Jess and Drew said...

okay... you look kind of familiar. so, you work in tyler but live in lindale? did we go to school together too? well, i'm trying to talk jalee into getting a blog too :) hope you have a merry christmas!