Friday, October 17, 2008

Update on Shae

The surgery went well and Shae is doing great! She was very sleepy the first couple of days after the surgery but is starting to get back to her old self again! We are watching her tonight so that Mindy and Ken could go see Fireproof. She has been singing, saying her abc's and counting (english & spanish) all night. We took a walk in the neighborhood too and she had a blast! I made stew for dinner and she loved it! Derek and Ross just left to pick up Lauren, she is spending the night and going to the State Fair with us tomorrow. Ross is really excited, he loves to have sleepovers! I finally bought his halloween costume tonight - he FINALLY decided on one! He is going to be the Hulk, he got the Hulk gloves for his that will really just make his costume complete. Ross was so excited when he saw it that he wanted to try it on, so we let him wear it to pick up Lauren!

Shae before the 'funny juice'

Shae after the 'funny juice'

After the surgery

Shae ate all her Aunt Tae Tae gave her a cookie!


Lynn & Matt said...

I'm glad to see Miss Shae is doing well. I have been thinking about you guys.

Mindy said...

It looks like you guys had fun last night! Thanks for keeping her.