Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm period.

You might be wondering what I mean by my title. Well, this is Ross' new saying. I'm period. He says it like you would say, I'm serious or I mean it. It totally cracks Derek and me up! It is really funny to hear him say it...he is totally serious! "I'm period."

Today was my first day to teach the kindergarten class at church. Ross was with me of course and he was so excited that I was going to be his teacher. He sat by me the whole time with his hand on my leg...I think to let the other kids know that I was with him! He even told one little boy that he was going home with me! I felt popular! :) I enjoyed teaching the class. There was of course that one kid who did not want to listen to me or do anything that I said but that is ok. I am not there to raise someone else's child...just hopefully teach them something about God. I even saw one of my kids outside in the auditorium and she pointed me out to her made me feel good. That must be how teacher's feel when they see their students outside of school. Speaking of teachers, Ross' kindergarten teacher attends our church now and he was so excited to see her today.

There was a lady at church today who gave a testimony about the womens retreat she was at this weekend. What she said hit so close to home with me. She talked about how we are always in a hurry and how we don't really listen to God and what he is trying to tell us or show us. This is so true of me...I am in a hurry constantly - even when I am not late. I rush to work in the the clock all day until 5pm...rush home...rush around my house making dinner and cleaning and then to bed and back to the same thing again the next day. I have noticed this about myself recently...I always feel I am in a hurry even when I have no particular place to be. I want to slow down and enjoy things more and also stop and listen to God. I want to stop trying to be the one in charge and let Him take over.

Update on Andy: He seems to be fine but I am extra cautious of him now...constantly watching him and asking Derek if he seems ok. I just feel so bad about what happened to him. He has been getting extra lovin's though, so I am sure he is fine with that!

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