Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miss Shae Shae

OOHHH I LOVE this little girl! I just can't get enough of her! Sweetest baby in the world! My whole family is head over heels in love with her! Actually anyone who meets her falls for her...she is beautiful, charming, sweet, funny...I could go on and on! I plan on doing a much more in depth post of her in the future, explaining how blessed we are to have her as part of our family. Anyway, every chance we get...we go see her or have her over here! We are lucky because we live 2 minutes away from her so we get to see her often! I have some random pics of her from the summer. Enjoy!

Shae scooting all over my house!

Aunt Tae Tae and Miss Shae

Shae enjoying Uncle Tink's favorite 'pia' from Papa Murphy's

Shae and Momma singing

Aunt Tae Tae and Shae playing

Pa and his baby girl

Luke putting the moves on Shae.... :)

Chillin' with Uncle Tink

Getting her weekly exercise

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