Thursday, January 15, 2009

Walking the dogs

Actually I should title this carrying the dogs. We take Andy for walks almost every evening. Charlie does not have a leash yet and he is still so small, so we don't take him. We felt bad for leaving him the other night, so I decided to carry him and Derek could 'handle' Andy. Andy is NOT an easy dog to walk! He pulls away from you and tries to run off every time the wind blows! He barks at EVERYTHING, this includes people in their own yards, minding their business...he just starts going crazy barking at them. He runs in between and around Derek and I, so we are constantly switching sides and handing off the leash to one another. I am sure it is like watching a circus when we are out there! Oh and don't even get me started on cats, he loathes cats!! They don't like him either, I have seen him get his tail-end kicked several times by some sweet/innocent looking neighborhood cats! It is so embarrassing. We actually try to only walk him after dark since he makes such a scene. On this particular evening, we had both dogs and I am carrying Charlie and Andy got all worked up at someone that came out side, when he took off 'screaming' (that is what his bark sounds like to me) :) he must have pulled something or sprained something because he yelped and started limping. So, Derek, being the softie that he is...picks up Andy and carries him the rest of the way. I know we must have looked pretty strange carrying two dogs around the neighborhood but really, what did we expect??? We NEVER have a normal, peaceful outing with Andy! Ha! I say all of this in good fun, I love that dog and he is my baby! That said, he still can drive me nuts! I just had to get a picture of us when we got back from "walking the dogs".


Catherine said...

HAHA!! That is too funny! I just love Derek's expression and you are all bundled up and he has on shorts and short sleeved shirt!!

Jennifer said...

That is so funny! I remember we used to have a puppy that I would have to carry home after we walked to a certain point. Spoiled dogs!

Mindy said...

HeeHee!! I can just see it! Ken and I used to get funny looks too. We would each "wear" a puppy in our puppy carriers, and then we would each have one dog on a leash!