Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Such a sweet blessing

I want to share an experience that I never want to forget. I want to remember this always, it was one of those moments where you wish it was possible to record it or take mental pictures and write every single word down. On Christmas Day, after all the presents, food and spending time with loved ones...we had one more special 'gift' waiting for us. Derek always reads the Bible to Ross at bedtime, he listens very intently and understands so much. It is a children's Bible and he loves it. After they read, Ross prays and then lights out. I have been wanting to try to encourage Ross to add to his prayers but without telling him exactly what to say because I want it to be from him. His usual prayer is "Bless momma, daddy, Stacey, Granny" and so on. I suggested that he add something about being thankful for all that God has done for him, you know, blessings. Little did I know that this would start a conversation with him that was so special to Derek and me. Ross was so overcome with emotion about God's love that he was on the verge of crying. He just kept saying how thankful and happy he was that God loved him so much and did so much for him. He would start to talk and just cover his mouth with his little hand because he was about to cry. He knows that Jesus died for him. He went on to talk about how he had been sad about his fish dying but he knew that God took them and that He knows what is best, so that was ok. I wish I could write every thing he said down but the truth is I can't remember all of it. I do remember the feeling of pure joy at seeing this 6 year old boy LOVE God so much. Nothing could have been a greater gift to us than to hear someone so little profess their faith! It was amazing. After we left his room, I cried, I didn't want him to think something was wrong so I didn't want to break down in front of him. But, I cried because I was so happy for him. I know how I feel to know God loves me and I am SO thankful that Ross feels that too.

I can't beleive how much he has changed! I almost cry looking at the picture of me and him with the fish...his little chubby face and the expression he has! I love it!


Catherine said...

omg! i am crying right now. that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard!

Jennifer said...

Ya'll have done a great job teaching Ross. He's really grown so much since that first picture :)