Friday, January 16, 2009

Pray for our children

I love reading other blogs and I have many that I "stalk"...meaning I do not know the person at all but have found their blog and love it! So, I wanted to share one that I read that I thought others may be interested in too. There is a woman named Kelly over at Kelly's Korner who is about to have her first child, a little girl. She and her husband had tried for many years before being blessed with this miracle. Although, she had many struggles, she never let her faith waiver. That is why I love reading her blog, she is so inspiring. But, the post that I want to share is actually not on her blog. It is on her mothers blog, which you can go to here. She is a godly woman who is also an inspiration (so is her husband - they both have blogs). She recently posted about praying for your children. So, I printed it out and thought it would be nice to add to my prayers for Ross, any future children (you can never start praying for them too soon - even if they don't exist yet!) and children that I know. I think it is amazing what God can do through prayer. Just wanted to share this with anyone who might find this helpful in their lives!

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Jennifer said...

Kelly's little girl is having some trouble after delivery. Be in prayer for her tonight! She was taken the to AR children's hospital.