Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Look Back....

Well, it has been a while since I posted so I am going to try to do a recap of what has been going on at the Harris household!

July 16th: We picked up Ross for Summer break! We have been super busy but we LOVE having him with us everday!

July 18th-19th: Lauren spent the night with us and on Saturday we all went to Splash Kingdom again but this time Rita joined us! We had a great time! It was incredibly HOT...but what else would I expect in the middle of July??? :)

July 21st-24th: This was a busy busy week for us...Ross had Vacation Bible School everyday and on Thursday there was an end of week program for the families to attend. Everyday when we picked him up,he would tell us about what he learned that day. We were so proud of how much he learned about God and Jesus! The program on Thursday was great! The kids were so cute! Ross' group sang two songs - we practiced memorizing the songs all week. He is so smart and picked them up right away! My mom, Derek's mom, Mindy, Ken, Shae and Lauren all went to watch Ross perform. Thursday was also Derek's birthday...the BIG 28!!! So, after the program we all went to eat at Chili's. But the 'official' celebration for Derek was on Saturday.

Ross, Derek & Rita (Derek's mom)

Ross singing with his group at VBS

Ross' tortilla face!

New shirts and socks for his exciting!!!

July 25th: We bought a Wii!!!! It was a spur of the moment kind of thing...we got home from work and ate dinner. We started talking about getting one and the next thing you know we are on the phone calling the stores in Lindale and Tyler that might have one in stock. NO LUCK!! Everyone was out!! So, we called Longview and Best Buy had 2 left!! So, we asked them to hold one for us and off we went to get it! When we got there, both sets that they had left (one for us) were up front and the other one had been put on hold we called just in time! We also purchased Guitar Hero with it and Derek stayed up until 3am playing it! Now, that may not be late for some...but we are usually in bed by 10ish, even on the weekends! Let me just say that the Wii is AWESOME! They did not have Mario Kart which is what I wanted and I wasn't sure how I would like the sport games that came with it but I was pleasantly surprised! I am totally awesome at golf! I have never played 'real' golf but I do love me some putt-putt! I was not expecting to enjoy that game at all! I also LOVE bowling and I have to say...I am really good at it too! Not so much at tennis, never have been good so not much of a surprise there. I totally stink at Guitar Hero...Derek is really awesome! I am totally jealous of his mad guitar skills! Ross is really really good at all the games - except guitar hero...we don't let him play that one. Oh and I forgot that was one that I had NO desire to play but I decided to give it a try and let me tell you...that is a serious workout! I am sore already! As I am typing this, Derek is playing guitar hero...I will probably never see my husband again...he is addicted already! :)

July 26th: We had our families over to celebrate Derek's b-day. We ate hot dogs and Rita made the most wonderful german chocolate cake!

Mom and Dad had a gag gift for Derek. Anyone who knows us knows that we are both terrified of bugs - I am afraid of ALL bugs espcecially spiders but Derek is afraid mostly of mayflies and ladybugs...yes you read that correctly...LADYBUGS!!! We have many many funny stories of us running screaming through our yard b/c some bug freaked one of us out! So, my parents made a Bug Survival Kit for Derek! It had Hot Shot, a mask, coat, hard hat, rubber boots, knee pads, safety goggles, a bug zapper and a survival manual! It was really funny!
Derek opening the gift...

This is his real gift

Here are some pics of everyone playing with the Wii

And here are some pics of the adorable can never have too many of those!!!

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