Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ross 7th b-day

We celebrated Ross' 7th birthday yesterday with an "army" themed party. He wore camo and had his face painted! Several friends joined us for some birthday party fun! The kids played outside in Ross' new fort that Derek built him for his birthday. The fort is really awesome and I am very proud of Derek and all his hard work! He didn't use a kit or anything...he is very talented! The fort is complete with a rockwall, trap door, and secret treasure chest that has a lock and key! Ross LOVES it! Rita made the most awesome cake ever! It was a tank shaped cake and it looked amazing and tasted just as great! We are so thankful for her talent b/c she makes all our cakes so very special! Ross starts first grade tomorrow at a new school. I can't believe summer is coming to an end but I am not complaining b/c I am SO looking forward to October!

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Jennifer said...

Cool fort {and cake}! Looks like Ross had an awesome party!